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Faith Assembly of Christ World Wide is a Covenant Fellowship of Pastors and Churches who desire to fulfil the will of God by outreach to the world.  Achieve ministerial excellence, assist in developing churches, and serve as covering  for independent churches.


This is accomplished through training, mentoring and needed resources that enhance leaders and their churches, Spiritually, Holistically and Financially.


The Lord has commissioned me to change a generation. I seek to fulfill this God-given assignment by impacting this nation with the word of God. The word declares that my people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. It is time for us to take authority over satan and move in the power and the abundant life that God has provided for those who trust Him. Trust God and watch your life take a supernatural turn. Others have connected with me across this country and have become instruments of change. If you are a pastor and would like to unite with us, please complete the form in the "Join Us" section.





Building Lives That Change The World


Bishop Mitchell A. Way

Presiding Bishop


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